Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Welcome Home Prince Harry!

Prince Harry, who I think is a great bloke, has just finished his stint as an Apache pilot in Afghanistan. Well done!

This young man is a credit to his family, and to his country.

For what it is worth, I strongly advise him to concentrate now on the naked billiards thing.

Now I know that he got a lot of criticism for that, from certain quarters that we might refer to as assholes, but I am so with him on this one.  Harry, if you are reading this, I have only two suggestions. Next time take their cameras off them, and secondly, if possible, could you please pass on my phone number as I am planning to be in that neck of the woods before the end of the year. I was particularly keen on the one in the blue bikini (did you find out if she is also a good cook?)

I'll take my own cue though, if you don't mind. Camaraderie only goes so far......

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