Wednesday, 30 January 2013

UKIP Don't Even Know What Year It Is!

This is an absolute howler!

It is the ballot paper for this year's elections to UKIP's National Executive Committee. Note the slight mistake - they cannot even get the date right!

This is the party that, at last year's London Mayoral election, failed to put the party's name on the ballot paper. That led to some pretty implausible excuses, but the candidate, Lawrence Webb, blew the whistle on what was a series of total screw-ups. The whole campaign was a litany of incompetence, and I felt sorry for Lawrence.

It appears that UKIP has accepted it's limitations, and is now reduced to claiming credit for initiatives it has had absolutely nothing to do with. Even then, it offers no way forward, it simply criticises the status quo.
Totally useless, its collective incompetence a monument to one man's vanity.

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