Putin's Legacy by Gary Cartwright

An analysis of Vladimir Putin’s Presidency, and the political legacy he has left to Russia. The author discusses the difference between Russian and western political systems, arguing that incompatibility need not lead inevitably to disagreement or conflict. Although harshly critical of the Russian regime, and particularly of its poor human rights record, Gary Cartwright argues that Russia was never destined to become a western style liberal democracy, and that it is on its own trajectory. In an increasingly globalised world, we need to understand and work with systems and values that are very different to our own.

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About the Author.
Gary Cartwright is a political scientist specializing in Energy and Environmental policy. He has extensive experience of working within the EU institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg in a number of policy areas. His main interest is in EU - Russia relations; he is a keen advocate of a common European energy policy, and has been widely published on this issue. Prior to his move to Brussels, Gary worked in education, and also lobbied on Veteran's affairs. An ex-serviceman himself, he was heavily involved in the successful campaign for the appointment of a Minister for Veteran's Affairs. He is also very proud to have been involved in the campaign for recognition, and compensation, for former Far East Prisoners of War. In 2004 he was campaign manager for Frank Maloney, the well known boxing promoter and manager of world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, when he ran for the office of Mayor of London. Gary has ghost written numerous articles and publications for a variety of prominent British politicians, and Putin's Legacy is his first book in his own name.
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