Thursday, 31 January 2013

Another Cameron Promise Melts Away.....

No British boots on the ground, Mr Cameron?
Does David Cameron mean anything that he says?

Sorry to keep bringing up the infamous 'cast-iron guarantee' of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but that was one of the most bare-faced deceits in recent political history. In my personal opinion, it was nothing less than a lie. As the words were coming out of his mouth we all knew that the referendum could not happen. Now we have another vague promise of an in/out referendum on our continued membership of the EU. I am interested to see how, assuming he gets a second term, he wriggles out of that one.

And so onto the promise that there would be no British 'boots on the ground' in Mali.

There was in fact an RAF team in place in Mali even as that statement was made.

Now we are told that 330 British troops are on their way to West Africa.

Mr Cameron could certainly never be called 'a man of his words', could he?

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