Sunday, 11 August 2013

The World's Worst TV Game Show.

I have some bad habits, but watching TV is not one of them. I occasionally watch the BBC news in the morning whilst trying to work out how to drink a cup of coffee, but with the exception of Rugby and the Olympics, there is not much else that persuades me to switch the thing on.

Last night, however, was a real experience. Having twisted my knee - the one that I didn't manage to break yet -  I am not in the mood to move about too much, so I decided to dip into some prime-time Saturday night TV.

I turned on in time to see a game show called 'I Love My Country'. Sounds interesting, I thought, so I stayed tuned.

Whoever produced this must love his country in the same way that Lord Haw-Haw did, as the whole thing, including the guests, was a slur on the integrity and intelligence of the British people. I was initially reassured by the presence of Frank Skinner, who in terms of personality and professionalism is definitely 'A' list in my opinion. The other guests incuded a "singing legend" I had never heard of, a couple of thick girls, one of whom smiled a lot, and the other who was apparently asleep through the whole show, and some others I can't remember. There was a pretty black girl who could sing - the show's only nod towards the employment of talent - and Gaby Logan, who would probably make a good newsreader, but who is definitely not God's gift to light entertainment.

The first 'game' involved using a plastic pork pie to identify on a large map the location of Aberdeen. I don't think any further comment is necessary at this point.

I don't think that a second series will be necessary, and I suspect that in about 30 years time when the documentary 'Crap Games Shows Of The Early 21st Century' is made, this one will be greeted by the audience with total disbelief.

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