Monday, 5 August 2013

The Silver Y - Loving The Sunshine!

My love of nature and environmentalism always baffles my close friends. I'm not a person who would automatically be associated with, for example, butterflies.

But I was delighted to learn of the resurgence of the Silver Y, here in Flanders.

The Silver Y is actually a moth, not a butterfly, but it is a wee bit unique in that it comes out during the day, unlike its moth cousins that prefer the nightime.

Its not actually a species indigenous to the UK, but we can find it at home all year round. Its not the most beautiful of critters, but it is an important part of our ecosystem, and even if you are not much into environmental issues, please trust me on this one: its growing numbers are good news indeed. It loves the sunlight, and the warm summer is contributing to this.

As Shaw Taylor (if you are old enough or British enough to remember him) used to say - "Keep em peeled..." and I bet you will spot one in your garden over the coming weeks.

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