Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fracking ugly.....

Fracking is in the news almost every day now. Opposition is growing, as the public become more aware of what is involved, although the scientific evidence is still not that strong either way.

It is an ugly process, involving ripping up the landscape, and damaging the ground beneath us.

One thing I note, however, is that the usual suspects who can normally be relied upon to attack wind turbines as being ugly - I happen to think they are rather majestic, harbingers of of a new, cleaner future - are strangely silent. Why might that be?

Might it be something to do with oil and gas industry largesse? The said sector is known for its generousity towards pseudo  'think-tanks', and 'useful idiot' politicians who delight in spreading doubt over scientific evidence of global warming, and the anthropogenic input therein.

One of these idiots told me once that there could not possibly be any such thing as global warming, because it snowed rather a lot in one of his fields the previous year. I explained, in words of as few syllables as possible, how increased temperature brings with it increased precipitation, and so his evidence undermined his own argument. He got a bit mad, telling me that as I don't keep livestock, I know nothing. Oh well, 2 years studying environmental policy was wasted then, I should have just bought a lamb or something.

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