Tuesday, 12 February 2013

UKIP: All Romanians Are Criminals?

Alina Vaca - well known
Romanian Actress (& Criminal?)
 Apparently, all Romanians are criminals, that is the message that the UKIP campaign in Eastleigh appears to be opening with. A moratorium on immigration is required, UKIP have announced, in order to stop Romanian criminals. This is not about space, the NHS, overstretched public services, no: they have identified one national group as being the source of our woes. Are they talking Romanians per se, or do they include ethnic Hungarians who make up nearly 7% of the population? Or, and let's really get to the point here, are they really referring to the Roma? Roma make up just 2.5% of the population of Romania, but with their darker complexions and distinctive culture they make a easy target, don't they? Time to start hating, boys, we found our scapegoats!

I would like to apologise to my Romanian friends and colleagues, and assure them that not all English people are ignorant little racists. But then they know that, its UKIP that they cannot believe are real.

Immigration is the main concern of UKIP members - eclipsing even the desire to leave the EU. The problem is that this most sensitive of policy issues requires delicate handling, and a great deal of understanding and wisdom. And this is UKIP we are talking about here, remember. See the problem?

Entering this particular debate in such an aggressive way is likely to lead to tears for UKIP, but I can imagine certain elements within the current party faithful slavering over such outbursts. Its a shame it has come to this. I cannot imagine such a vile statement being allowed to be made under the leadership of Roger Knapman.

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