Friday, 8 February 2013

Findus Lasagne: Why Would You Eat It Anyway?

Apparently Findus Lasagne has been found to contain 60-100% horsemeat.

Given the actual amount of meat in this type of product, I suspect that quarter of an ounce of horsemeat is unlikely to hurt anybody.

Horse is not my favourite meat, but I have it from time to time, it is widely available from butchers here in Brussels.

Actually, given the choice of a nice tender piece of Cheval, fresh from my local butcher, or some ancient piece of pale tasteless pork pumped full of water and wrapped in celophane and bought from a British supermarket, guess which I would choose?

It is one of the nicer aspects of life here. I buy meat from the butcher, fish from the fishmonger, bread from a baker, and cheese from a fromagerie. Fruit and veg only comes from the farmer's market. In London, it is Tesco or Waitrose for everything. Its a shame.

But back to Findus Lasagne. Why would you want to give that to your children? Lasagne is one of the simplest dishes to make. Why buy it in a bloody box? I can only imagine what it tastes like, and I bet the texture is pretty ghastly too.

I always loved to cook. On Saturday, when I was a boy, my dad used to get up early to bake bread - it was wonderful. I remember the smell as if it were yesterday, and to have a couple of thick slices while it was still warm was heaven.

I guess nobody bakes their own bread now.

Apparently not many people can make their own lasagne, either.


  1. Need to see about making my own bread but never seem to get round to it. They should just change the box?