Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Strange Night at La Passerelle.

I can find a Rock n Roll gig in the Sahara. Here in Strasbourg there are a couple of venues, my favourite being La Passerelle. Tuesday night is the best - it starts to heave at about 10pm, and is great entertainment. Its Jazz and Blues, with some Doo Wop and Rockabilly thrown in.

Last night I decided to see how it is on Wednesday, so with my old friend Cillian from New Europe  I strolled into town for some fum.

You have to really see it to appreciate it, but last night was a fancy dress night. These guys, mostly students and 20 somethings, really took this seriously. There was a Richard Gere lookalike, a nun jitterbugging with a guy whose outfit reminded my of Adam Ant, a US cavalry trooper - all of them absolutely convincing.

There was a superb Charlie Chaplin, although when two more Chaplins turned up there was a bit of a ruck on the dancefloor - apparently 3 Chaplins is 2 too many!

But for me the highlight was when I felt somebody rubbing against my side. It was a kangeroo. More precisely, it was a girl named Monique (of course I asked), dressed as a kangeroo. She was quite lively, but it worked for me.

La Passerelle - give it a try!

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