Friday, 21 December 2012

World About to End: I'm off to the Pub!

Apparently, according to an old Mayan prophesy, the world is going to end at midnight tonight. I'm not sure if that is midnight GMT, or midnight Mayan time. Perhaps it will end in 24 seperate events, I don't know.

Armageddon holds no fears for me, because I've lived in Bermondsey.

The Chinese, on the other hand, are getting very stressed about this, and there are reports of the panic-buying of candles. This begs the question; if the world has ended, why will they need candles?

Al Jazeera are giving the event good coverage, as if they didn't already have enough superstitions to worry about, and the boys in Valhalla are all looking forward to a we told you so moment.

Actually, it just occured to me that the Norse legend of Ragnarök as being an end of world sort of thing was actually way ahead of its time. It involved rising sea levels immersing the land. Think about it; the Vikings foretold global warming.

I rather like all that Norse stuff. Thor always fascinated me as a boy. No turning the other cheek or forgiveness there - the meek shall inherit that which nobody else wants, I am afraid. Perhaps a bit of Odinism would help get Europe out of crisis, it would make about as much sense of some of the other stuff they've tried already.

On that subject, do you know what is the Russian word for one? Odin. Think about that......

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