Friday, 21 December 2012

London: Serial Killers on the Loose!

Did I miss something?

Have the rules on police officers carrying weapons in the UK changed recently, or are all motorcycle coppers now members of some firearms team? Because they have all got pistols now, it seems to me. I have even seen bobbies on the streets of Devon and Cornwall carrying sidearms seemingly as a matter of course.

I remember the day in 2005 that a 'suicide bomber' had been killed at Stockwell tube station. "At last, I thought. The Met have finally, for the first time got it right and have actually killed a terrorist instead of an innocent man" Silly me, it was just a bloke going to work. Jean Charles de Menezes was murdered.

What I remember most vividly on the morning, watching reports on the BBC just minutes after the slaughter of this innocent young guy, was an 'eye-witness' outside the station, a stocky, shaven-headed guy of around 30. He had seen it all, he said. The police were chasing this guy, who looked Indian, and who was wearing a very bulky jacket. The guy was trying to escape, he jumped on the train, there was a struggle and a lot of shouting, and then shots.

My guess is that this eye-witness was in fact a copper himself, and how interesting that what he said reflected almost exactly the lies put out initially by the police. Coincidence, huh?

And yes, they were lies. Lies put out by the police to protect the guilty and the incompetent.

The person in charge of all this, Cressida Dick, was actually promoted! Of course, p.c.s are very pc when it suits them, and how embarrassing it would be to even suggest that Britain's top woman cop might have been in charge of an operation that led to an innocent man having 7 bullets pumped into his head and police officers lying left right and centre. My goodness, if that were the case then some might even dare suggest that she only got to the top through positive discrimination. Nooooooo, that would never happen, would it?

Now we learn that Met officers involved in an altercation with Minister Andrew Mitchell might not have been quite telling the truth. Now there is a surprise! These are heavily armed officers, carrying automatic weapons on the streets of London, and it turns out that at least one, possibly more, is dishonest. Is not some psychometric testing carried out on these people before they are given guns, and, seemingly, immunity for their actions?

But shall I make a prediction? No action will be taken against any police officer in this case, no action is ever taken. And how weak this makes David Cameron look. He knew of 'inconsistencies', but chose to ignore them as he did not want to upset his relationship with officers who protect him.

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