Thursday, 2 May 2013

Parc du Bruxelles

Rather oddly, so engrossed was I in my thoughts, I missed my stop on the Metro this morning. In fact, I missed it by two. Alighting at Parc, instead of crossing the platform and going back, I decided to walk to work through the Parc du Bruxelles. And very nice it was too.

This park is actually only about 10 minutes walk from my home, but I rarely pass through it. I love parks, (and of course in London we some of the best - St. James and Southwark Parks being my own favourites) but for some reason I just never took to the Park here in Brussels. It is quite small, but pretty enough, and is surrounded by some impressive architecture, but it does not engage. I noticed today a shabby café, closed of course - why would a café be open at breakfast time? - which reminded me of a similar place in Minsk, close to the botanical gardens. A similar place, in similar surroundings, but how different they are. I remember sitting there on a summer evening with a friend, eating far too much shashlik, and drinking something Belorussian that appeared to be distilled from rocket fuel. There atmosphere was unforgettable, and that is what is missing from the Brussels Park - atmosphere. Actually, its the only thing missing, but what a difference it makes.

Maybe I will get out at the Parc station more often and see if I can find something there to change my opinion....

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