Thursday, 30 May 2013

Headline of the Week!

JC Penney kettle looks like Nazi leader', read the headline. Now this was just irresistable, and I had to click on it. Bloody hell, they are right! I doubt if this was a deliberate cock-up, and I would'nt like to be the guy who passed the artwork right at this moment, but it made me, and I suspect a lot of people, grin widely.                  
 I also suspect a lot of people will be popping down to their local JC Penney to pick up their very own Hitler kettle. I imagine that they will sell particularly well in Alabama.

As cock-ups go, this is on a par with a recent one by the Conservative Party, which is widely suspected of leaking to the press a photo of a UKIP candidate in a somewhat compromising pose. Of course, we understand why they sought to discredit UKIP, but this one backfired seriously.                                                                     You see, the BNP vote has all but collapsed, and their supporters in many areas would have been looking for an alternative party to back at the polling booth. Congratulations Tory chappies, as distasteful as this sounds, you just handed UKIP possibly thousands of voters who would have previously voted BNP.
Of course, UKIP's 'them and us' approach to the question of immigration would have made this an easy transition for people with tattoos of bulldogs on their throats, and pitbuls named Tyson.
UKIP will, I am sure, say in public that they do not want to attract such attention, but the fact that the candidate in question came second will not be lost on them.

The face of UKIP, apparently!

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  1. Hi,

    it is worth noting that with the wisdom of hindsight, though I felt it suspicious at the time, Alex Wood featured in this blog for his Naxi salute has been investigated by the police and has been totally exhonerated and finds himself in a position to sue The Mirror which posted the story on their front page.

    A story which was seemingly aimed at helping the Tories by discreditting UKIP has rather back fired on the criminals who invented the propaganda.

    Sadly Alex Wood came second in the election, whether as a result of the pro Tory propaganda or merely due to the local electorate having seen through UKIP's overt racism and lack of serious strategy, tactics or any kind of EU exit and survival strategy we shall never know.