Friday, 19 October 2012

UKIP: Wrong Again!

The resignation of John Dalli, EU Commissioner, is one of the hottest political stories in Brussels. Because John Dalli did not resign. The best source is here....

However, UKIP jumped on the bandwagon, and issued the usual partially informed and biased statements in the usual knee-jerk way. Those statements are not worth repeating here.

Even before the first UKIP statement was issued on it's party website, Brussels was buzzing over this one. But apparently UKIP's press office was out of the loop - as usual. Plus ça change, plus la même chose!

The UKIP press office was always the party's weakest link, but it appears that recently, and particularly in Brussels, it has gotten even worse.

This story is going to explode, but if you want to follow it, don't look to UKIP. Their press people in Brussels are probably either p***ed, or too busy observing some strange superstitious ritual to be bothered with reality! You don't have to be Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein to get this stuff, you just have to know your job.

Tossers, to be sure, to be sure!

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