Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Blind Man Tasered By Idiot Copper

Blind chap with white stick.

Nutter with Samurai Sword

"A police force has apologised after an officer used a Taser on a blind man whose white stick was mistaken for a sword.

Colin Farmer, 61, was stunned by police following reports of a man walking through Chorley with a samurai sword.
Ch Supt Stuart Williams, of Lancashire Police, said the force had "deep regrets" and had "clearly put this man through a traumatic experience".

A traumatic experience? No shit, Sherlock!

This gentleman, who was walking to the pub, carrying a white stick, was mistaken for a nutter wielding a Samuri Sword. Apparently the copper's eyesight is no better than his victim's!

Where do they recruit these idiots from?

Of course, no action will ever be taken against this police officer, it never is.


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