Monday, 1 October 2012

Brief Encounter: Bang On!

UKIP candidate in Solihull 2010 - couldn't resist revisiting this classic image!

One of my most abiding memories of the 2010 General Election campaign is of driving around the Birmingham Bull Ring in a Mercedes people carrier with Gregg Beaman by my side.

I had a wee problem with this vehicle in that quite often, and for no apparent reason, the alarm would go off, and I had to try a variety of means, any one of which may or may not have worked, to turn the bloody thing off.

So there we were, transporting about 50 helium-filled balloons, each exhorting people to vote for the Solihull & Meriden Resident's Association.

Suddenly, goodness knows why, at 50mph and in heavy traffic, the alarm went off. Gregg and I exchanged grins, and then it got really good. One by ohe the balloons began to explode...

50mph, on the Bull Ring, alarm blaring, exploding balloons, and both of us convulsed in hysterical laughter. Those were the days!

This memory came back to brighten my day when I read a post on Gregg's blog this morning.

No comment is neccessary, I think he has got it spot on.

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