Friday, 21 September 2012

UKIP: volte-face ou deux face?

UKIP Policy Spokesman Explains the Party's Position on a Referendum.
UKIP seems to have developed an obsession with a referendum all of a sudden. From "a referendum is a bad idea because if we lose it we are finished" and orders from the bunker not to sign Nikki Sinclaire's petition calling for a referendum, we now see them desperately trying to reclaim the political space they thought was theirs alone.

Now there is speculative talk of an electoral pact. This is not the first time such an idea has been put forward, but previously it has always been done under the table. If David Davies had won the Tory leadership, we would probably be looking at a different political landscape now.

Of course, such things have always been strenuously denied in the past. A pact would undermine UKIP's political integrity. Now, integrity can go hang, it is all about survival. In any case, how would the Lib Dems react to a Tory pact with UKIP? The Lib Dems are in Westminster, UKIP is not. Guess which is the most attractive option to a beleaguered government in a hung parliament? You don't have to be Robert Dahl to work that one out.

Nice to see Katie Hopkins on the Daily Politics show yesterday. Just 2 weeks ago UKIP had no idea we even existed as a party, and now we are alongside them on the most important political show of all. Complacency, chaps, can be the most dangerous thing of all!

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