Friday, 21 September 2012

Campaign for a Referendum: Former UKIP Leader Comes on Board!

Roger Knapman was the architect of UKIP's 2004 Euro-elections triumph which saw 12 MEPs elected. On the back of the campaign, 2 UKIP members were also elected to the London Regional Assembly.

Roger is also just about the most personable politician I have ever worked for, and he is much missed in Brussels. And so I am absolutely delighted that he has joined our campaign for a referendum and will be speaking at our conference in London on October 5th.

Roger has always been totally committed to the idea of a binding in or out referendum, and has supported us from the day we launched the campaign, 2 years ago in Torquay.

Since the launch of We Demand A Referendum as a political party 2 weeks ago, press interest has been intense. This has all the makings of a great, and successful, campaign, and from my point of view Roger's involvement is a great boost. It am delighted to be working with him again.

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