Sunday, 9 September 2012

Campaign for a Referendum - Latest Development!

The Campaign for a referendum on our continued membership of the EU just moved up a gear!

These are exciting times.


  1. Hi,

    congratulations to Nikki Sinclaire & her team - It is good to see progress in the Leave-The-EU campaign as UKIP are much too busy back biting and conniving to do any real work!

    I note Chris Bruni-Lowe has left them and more notably Katie Snape's parting shot was to say 'Trying to work with UKIP was like working with Fred Karno's Army' as she departed, I wonder if she will return to Sky News with the facts about UKIP's shambolic & corrupt behaviour!

    As an Independent MEP Nikki Sinclaire has achieved more for the cause than all of UKIP's self serving & self enriching squabbling shower with their full on racist, anti Jewish, anti homosexual EU partners in The EFD Group!

    Well done & lets hope more political successes join the campaigning Nikki Sinclaire to form a viable group/party rather than the string of Tory failures and has beens trying to extract one last meal ticket as UKIP, as their swan song before bed!


  2. I met Katie Snape in Strasbourg some months ago. Nice girl. I explained to her that she would probably get sacked if she were to be seen talking to me, but she didn't seem to mind.

    We talked for a while, and I suspected that she would not stay long.