Saturday, 9 January 2016

When the wheels fall off a good story....

Nigel Farage is probably regretting the 'assassination' story a bit right now.

I realised there was something iffy  about this when he said he did not want the police to investigate because he didn't want people to know where he parks his car when he is in Brussels. Errr... how about the MEPs car park underneath the parliament?

Its very secure, and just some moments walk away from Rue Montoyer.

But this has happened before, of course.

In 2011 British police were investigating former MEP Chris Huhne over a traffic offence. The investigation hinged largely on whether Huhne had been on a certain flight from Strasbourg to Stanstead on March 12th 2003, or if he had travelled the next day.

Never one to miss a media opportunity, Farage announced that he remembered being on that flight with Huhne. Then it went a bit wrong.

Essex police called to take a statement. Farage was forced to admit that he didn't really remember at all.

When Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 was shot down over Ukraine on July 17th 2014 with the loss of 298 lives, Farage made a statement. Apparently he was at Schipol airport at the same time that the passengers were embarking on the doomed jet.

This is attention seeking at it's most crass. But I'm sure will hear more of it in the future.

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