Sunday, 3 January 2016

Pop Art in Belgium

A great afternoon at the 'Pop Art in Belgium' expo.

Inna is in front of Discs, a painted composition in which James Rosenquist assembled the front of a car, gramophone discs and a box of Kleenex tissues.

Before entering the art world, Rosenquist earned his living as a billboard painter. The style which he developed in this capacity remained visible in his work and is illustrative of the way in which American Pop artists introduced other painting techniques into the art world.

C'est Moi, with ten works by one of the masters of Pop Art, Roy Lichtenstein.

Ben-Day dots, thick black contours. Large
areas filled with primary colours and simplified compositions are elements that were also embraced in the consumption and comics culture. The landscape was one of the first subjects which Lichtenstein explored after he had broken through with his appropriation of the comics style.

This series contains all the stylistic elements that characterise his work.

It's a great expo, most of the works are from the ING bank collection, some are from private collections.

The expo runs until Feb 14th.

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