Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Moscow Calling.......

The garbage and downright lies that are put out in the name of "news" by Russia Today can often be downright sickening. It is at least reassuring to know that in these troubled times, the Kremlin is not as good at propaganda as the Nazis were.

Their spin on the report, issued today, on the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 is so ridiculous that it would almost be funny if the story did not involve the deaths of 298 innocent people. But then the Kremlin never cared about lives any more than it cares about the truth.

And the Kremlin has form here, of course.

On September 1st 1983, one of their fighters shot down Korean Airlines Flight 007 from New York City to Seoul over the Sea of Japan, with the loss of 269 lives.

The Kremlin denied any knowledge of the incident, and it was only in 1992 that Boris Yeltsin handed over vital information about the incident. The Russians then claimed that the aircraft was on a spying mission - perhaps it was the 'Flight 007' that confused them.

Russia Today is very keen to interview western politicians who are critical of their own countries. Quotes from these interviews can then be used to add weight to Kremlin propaganda.

It is interesting that RT in Brussels told me that Nigel Farage is their favourite British politician, although I suspect he may be soon replaced in their favour by Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour leader. I wonder if he is now regretting his statement on LBC Radio recently that Putin and Assad are "on the same side as us"?

They are not on the same side as me. They are not on the same side as Great Britain. They are not on the same side as Europe, or indeed NATO. So I wonder which "us" Mr Farage was referring to?

I could never have said that, no matter how much you paid me.....

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