Thursday, 15 October 2015

It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It.........

It came as no surprise to me to learn that one in four UKIP voters think that aliens have made contact with Earth, but that the government has covered it up.

I had a lot of experience of UKIP over the years. I was once a party official indeed, and have worked with their MEPs - mostly really nice folk - in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Most of the MEPs believe that George W. Bush was responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Centre, and that the Bilderbergers are trying to take over the world. I remember a UKIP branch meeting once where a stall had been set up selling DVDs about crop circle conspiracy theories. It was doing a brisk trade.

During a by election campaign I once had to drag a canvasser off of a doorstep as he screamed at a bewildered householder "The EU is illegal - Magna Carta, Magna Carta...."

Today, I was delighted to read that UKIP's London Mayoral candidate, Peter Whittle, has chosen to enlighten us as to the political preferences of homosexuals. His is himself openly homosexual, and I have no problem with that, and so I thought that his views may be enlightening.

According to Mr Whittle, " people... they’re more on the centre-right than on the left,” . However, he adds, “For lesbians, I think it’s slightly different and I think that’s because of the position of women being traditionally treated unequally; that has led to a much more political sense to lesbianism and I can completely understand why that is.”

So, he is saying that "gay people" and "Lesbians" are two different categories. Gays to the right, Lesbians to the left. I don't really understand the semantics of gay culture, but I do know sexual discrimination when I see it, Mr Whittle.

I must declare some interests here. I worked with UKIP's 2004 London Mayoral candidate, Frank Maloney. It was a great campaign, and despite UKIP having never previously registered on the Richter Scale in London, we got a credible 4th place, with 2 members elected to the London Assembly.

At that same time Gerard Batten was elected as an MEP, a position he holds to this day.

Job done!!

UKIP has never come within a whisker of the 2004 result since, by the way, and there are very good reasons for that.

I have also worked for a high profile lesbian politician, Nikki Sinclaire. Given her strong convictions on human rights, and her working class London background, both of which I share, she may be considered by some as leaning towards the left. But a stauncher Thatcherite, or a more proactive Eurosceptic you will never meet. Left wing lesbians, Mr Whittle? You might want to have a chat with Nikki about that. Good Luck!

So, as is my wont, this morning after dropping my son off at school I took a stroll around the lakes near my home to reflect upon those matters that concern me.

And so I came to the conclusion that Mr Whittle is simply a complete idiot with absolutely no political nous whatsoever.

Mr Whittle might find it enlightening to take a look at the history of UKIP, particularly the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the sudden and highly controversial closure of the Broadwick Street head office (only UKIP could have had a Head Office in a Soho backstreet). The UKIP leadership has always sought to keep influence and power away from London. The 2004 London Mayoral result really spooked them, and that is why the leadership will never again allow a credible candidate to stand for that office. Sorry Mr Whittle, you are just a patsy....

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