Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The First Day Of Autumn!

Its the first day of Autumn - my favourite time of the year. As one who likes to walk wherever possible - and Brussels is a very small city - over the last decade I have worked out pretty much how to get from any one place to another on foot whilst taking a route that includes as many parks and gardens as possible, I get a lot of pleasure from this time of the year.

My life is organised at the moment in such a way that I can take relatively large chunks of free time on most days, although it will not, alas, last long.

My thanks to the European Parliament for this great photo, which they published today.

The photo would have been taken right on the edge of Parc Leopold, not one of the largest of public parks it has to be said, but nice enough, and close enough to the parliament that for the last 10 years I have often been able to slip away from the office for some time to read my newspaper by the lake.

It is also the case that whereas we don't have great summers here, they do tend to last, and so I expect to be enjoying the parks and lunching al fresco for a good few weeks to come.

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