Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Proud Father Moment!

Today, George had his first kart race.

He was, as always, pessimistic, and even doubted that the event would even happen. For an 8 year old, he is seriously Laconic.

 The race started, and he was 5th (out of 6) out of the pits. Not exactly pole position. But by the end of the first lap he was in the lead, and he held it until the end of the race. At the end of his 8th lap, the young lad in second place was still just short of his 7th lap. The lead narrowed slightly, but at the end he was still way ahead of the field. His best mate Jay, whose birthday the event was to celebrate, won the preceding race, so now they are feeling pretty good about themselves.

He celebrated with a fizzy water!

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