Sunday, 23 February 2014

Well Done Canada!

The men's Ice Hockey final is one of the real highlights of the Winter Olympics, which is why it is saved until the end.

It was obvious, during the semi-final between our two former colonies, Canada and the US, that whoever won that game would take the gold. And lo, it came to pass!

The Swedes looked dangerous at the beginning, and their goalkeeper gave the Canadians a hard time - the goal tally could have been higher.

But the big loser in these games has been Vladimir Putin. A lot of money, lots of favours, and some lives, were sacrificed for what was to be his crowning glory. But the world was looking not at Sochi, but at Kiev.

As I have written before, in 2004 Putin feared that he would be remembered as the man who lost the Ukraine. But he got lucky, and played it well. EU Commission President Barroso was to go down in history as the man who lost the Ukraine.

But now, in what was to be his finest hour, Putin has lost it!

The EU is not the winner either - the Ukraine, Germany, and the US have pulled it off.

Exit stage left, Mr Barroso.

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