Monday, 17 February 2014

Belgian Drivers - Generally Pissed, & Amongst The Worst In The World.

Federal police carried out massive checks on drivers on the A12 Brussels to Antwerp Motorway (partially ploughed section) this weekend. Nearly a quarter of motorists were found to be over the legal drink-drive limit.

Those of us who live here were surprised that the number was not higher.

The entire motorway was closed for the operation. In all 124 drivers were stopped. 27 motorists were over the limit and had to hand in their driving licence. Two were on illicit drugs. Drugs and arms were also seized. Four people on the wanted list were detained.

In total, it was anounced, only three drivers were observed to be driving in a sensible and courteous manner - two Brits and a German.

(OK, I sort of made that last bit up!)


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