Thursday, 16 January 2014

What Are They Thinking Of?

I know we are not supposed to laugh at such things, but nothing can bring tears to my eyes faster than a comb-over.

This 'hairstyle' is particularly popular in Belgium, I am pleased to say, and I have seen some real beauties here in Brussels. But today I saw the greatest.

Even sadder than a comb-over is a comb-forward. We have been in Strasbourg this week, and as I am sometimes inclined to do, I left the panzer in the garage, and let the train take the strain.

Opposite me on the train was a chap, I would guess around 30ish, with possibly the saddest comb-forward I have ever seen. I have to say - and I speak as somebody whose family trait is exceptionally thick hair - this was the thickest, and densest hair I have ever seen. Sadly, it all came from the nape of his neck. It came forward from the neck to his forehead, where he had attempted to create a kiss curl.You really had to see this to appreciate it.

I was looking forward to the 5 hour trip, having acquired a collection of late-Victorian detective short stories (a passion of mine) which included a couple of works by Arthur Morrison that I had never read. You probably have to be me to really appreciate this genre, but trust me, Sherlock Holmes was just one of the many wonderful characters of that ilk.

But I just could not settle into my book. I could not stop staring - for most of the trip - at this incredible sight. This man made Donald Trump look like Mungo Jerry. It was just unbelievable. I just sat there willing him to look out of the window so I could see this in profile. If he combed it backwards, it would have been below his shoulders.

A politician of my vague acquaintance - he does not like me much, so I have no qualms about telling you this  - has just accepted defeat and given up trying to pretend that he still has more than 10 hairs on his head, albeit that each of them is 2 feet long and wrapped around his head 'Mr Whippy' style, and has now 'come out' as being bald (as if nobody had guessed!) This is a great shame.

More comb-overs please chaps, I need a good laugh!

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