Friday, 3 January 2014


The government has apologised after an RAF recruitment billboard put up in Londonderry angered some relatives of those who died on Bloody Sunday.

Kate Nash, whose brother was one of 14 people killed by the Army in 1972, said the poster put up opposite her home in the Brandywell, was "deeply hurtful".

I am not aware of any RAF involvement in Bloody Sunday, nor am I aware of any past fricton between the RAF per se and the citizens of Northern Ireland. In fact, I was never treated unreasonably by anybody, be they Catholic or Protestant (with the one notable exception of a Catholic priest who told me "we are sending a lot of you home in boxes, aren't we?") Well, there are ignorant assholes in any community, I suppose.

I have my own thoughts on Bloody Sunday, but I also have sympathy for the families of all those who died in the troubles. It was an awful time, and thank God it is over. It is a terrible shame that some try to keep the hatred alive by digging up the past and making complaints in this way.

Anyway, what the hell has it got to do with the RAF Reserves? The poster should not have been taken down.

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