Monday, 4 March 2013

Meeting Andrew Neil.

Being somewhat obsessed with politics, you might assume that I am working in the right place. You would be absolutely correct! And being a eurosceptic gives a special spice to the job.

One thing that the Euro-elites seem not to be focussing on is the way in which the US is repositioning itself at present. Obama has declared himself to be the 'Pacific President'. The focus is shifting, and as well as economic and political implications, Europe should be considering how it might be able to afford to defend itself in the near future. As the US loses the need to defend the Straits of Hormuz and pulls it's 5th Fleet out, there will also be strong geopolitical implications not only for Europe, but for Israel, and for 'friendly' Arab regimes. Iran's small but effective naval forces will be left unchecked. It will become our problem very quickly, I suspect.

I was really pleased to meet with Andrew Neil last week, and to hear his strong thoughts on the subject. I was very impressed with what he had to say, and pleased to have some time to chat with him afterwards about other issues. He is a nice chap, and he has what one might call a 'robust sense of humour'. It was also interesting to watch him and his team in the studio next day, with David Davies MP preparing for a broadcast.

Unfortunately the evening was marred by a somewhat drunken and abusive UKIP press officer, but as they say in France plus ├ža change, plus la meme chose.

You can see a video of Andrew Neil's talk here.

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