Sunday, 1 July 2012

A just punishment.

I note that Ian Brady wants to be moved to a 'softer' prison regime.

Born in 1961, I am of the same generation as those innocent children that Brady tortured and murdered, along with his sick girlfriend Myra Hindley. As you can imagine, I have  very strong thoughts on this subject.

It always struck me as just that Hindley died in prison just weeks before her planned release. How sweetly ironic was that. I hope that in her final moments she was tormented by the knowledge that she would never see freedom. Her suffering, of course, would have been as nothing compared to what she inflicted on those children in her pursuit of sexual excitement.

I read once that Brady lives a horrible life. He is force fed with food that has been urinated on, and adulterated with broken glass. I am quite comfortable with this. I rather hope that he is kept strapped to a hospital trolley and force-fed in this way for many years to come.

I hope his death, when it comes, is slow and agonising. I a m actually opposed to the concept of capital punishment. In my younger years I felt differently about this, mainly due to the political violence in Northern Ireland that was the background to my youth. Now I see things differently, and I am confident that my arguments are sound.

Therefore, I believe that in the case of Brady, execution would have been wrong. Not least because it would have been quick. In the case of Brady, whose every minute on Earth is an agony, justice is truly being served, and I hope he has many years left in which to enjoy his sick thoughts.

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