Friday, 6 July 2012

Another Investigation - What a Surpise!

None of us can forecast the future, but if there is one thing that is as certain as death and taxes, it is this.

If I were to be ressurected, let us say in 500 years time, I am absolutely certain that I will access whatever media is avaiable at that time, and the headline will read something like "Intergalactic Star Police called in to head inquiry into Bloody Sunday".

Of course the man who, we are told, fired the first shots on that terrible day, Martin McGuinness, will probably have been canonised by then, and will come out smelling of roses.

Soldiers are not policemen. If you fire a submachine gun at them, they will fire back, and they will do a very good job of it. In causing an incident that cost the lives of 13 civilians, McGuinness, or whoever it was, got exactly what they set out to acheive: the creation of 13 martyrs. It was one of the most cynical of acts, and yet typical of the duplicitous republicans.

This is not to exonerate any illegal acts by the soldiers involved, but having received my green card (rules of engagement) in  Northern Ireland 1979 at the age of 18, I can assure you that those rules were not as tight as they are now.

Our soldiers and their actions should be held up to scrutiny, but not at the insistence of enemies who seek to damage us, and our reputations.

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  1. Hi,

    our thanks to The British Army who did all they could to preserve the peace and prevent a massacre of obscene proportions of Protestants or Catholics dependent on who had the upper hand.

    I totally endorse your comments of the utterly cynical and deliberate actions of Irish criminals to ensure the deaths of their own naive supporters.

    The behaviour of Irish criminals continues to this day exploiting the perceived divide for cash and control.

    The various wings of the criminals have always been on hire for any criminal action for money & influence and sadly the pretence of Christianity on either side is to abuse the proudly held superstitions of the various sects.

    It is noted that whilst protecting and covering up the most vile regime of the Catholic sect's child abuse, which was seemingly institutionalised in Catholic behaviour, the heads of the cult never once denounced the criminality and killings in their name!

    The IRA criminals did not befoul the name of Catholicism the Catholics in their support of these criminals befouled themselves - as sadly did The USA in its rejection of the ballot box and funding of criminality and the murders of innocent bystanders.

    Fortunately much of the cash support misguidedly provided by Libia did not reach the streets but unfortunately some did!

    Again I stress my thanks to the British military for risking their lives to try to keep the peace and prevent the genocide style massacres based on idiotic religious claims & pure criminality.

    Implementation of the death penalty would have saved many innocent lives.