Monday, 18 June 2012

Beaver Smells a Bit Musty When It Gets Damp....

Its true. Arriving back in Brussels on Friday after a trip to Strasbourg, I stretched my weary limbs (its a 5 hour drive), and went for a walk, as is my habit.

And then the rain came, and Oh Boy it came down!

As an ex-Boy Scout I am Always Prepared, and so I had on my favourite and most trusted cowboy hat, a nice piece of kit from Texas (made from Beaver skin), that has kept me dry through many a rainstorm and blizzard on camping trips in the Ardennes and other places.

Actually, it is knocking on a bit now, but it fits like a glove, and I am reluctant to let it go. But when it gets waterlogged it does tend to get a bit musty.

I found myself in a bar, watching the first half of the England-Sweden game. It was a wee bit packed, but I found that I was able to clear a bit of space around me, thanks to my damp Beaver. Sadly, a couple of Belgians took offence at the fact that I was standing in front of them. They came and stood real close - one in front of me, one behind. It may be that the musty titfer reminded them of their dear Mama, or maybe the fact that I hadn't shaved for two days excited them in some way (or maybe this also reminded them of their dear Mama), but they were real close, and the one in front insisted on backing into me about 5 times.

Now, the Kidney punch is always a sure winner, and it has the advantage in that it does not need much backswing. Should you find yourself needing to clear your view during tomorrow's match with Ukriane, you might bear this in mind.

Now the moral of this story appears to be, (and I dont't know if this applies equally to men and women) if you want to get your way, keep your Beaver moist, and don't shave! What the hell good that is going to do for me I don't know, as I don't expect this bizarre situation to repeat itself anytime real soon. Or at least, I hope not.

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