Thursday, 31 May 2012

Its raining in Waterford.....

Its been a heck of a week! Campaigning in Ireland with Nikki Sinclaire and the team, putting the argument for a "NO" vote for today's referendum on the Fiscal Treaty.

Dundalk, Dublin, Kildaire, Cork, and a host of villages in between. Last night we arrived in Waterford, which is a highlight for me - my maternal Grandfather was from Co. Kilkenny - and what a beautiful place it is.
It didn't look so nice at 7am this morning though, doing the last minute leafleting in the pouring rain!

The best bit however has been the reception we have received from the Irish people. Popular opinion is clearly against the treaty, but many feel bullied into voting "YES", and so they are pleased to debate with us and have a host of questions for us. Lets hope that we have managed to reassure at least some of them that the world will not end if they reject the treaty.

At the moment, the gap is a narrow one, and a collapse in support for Labour - who are taking a lead in the yes campaign - might throw up an unexpected result. Let us hope........ 

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  1. Hi,

    thank you to Nikki Sinclaire's team for trying.

    Fortunately corruption & bullies are inclined to come unstuck as they may be feared but ultimately they are hated and for that reason alone the flame of hope burns on until ignited by an unforseen action too far & the bully falls.

    The EU is ultimately on a path to self destruction though the longer it continues its malign scam the more ugly will be uits collaps as hatred builds.

    This does not for a moment detract from - Thank YOU for trying.