Monday, 10 January 2011

UKIP Policy - You Couldn't Make It Up!

Would you buy a used policy from these men?
The UKIP policy making process was always a bit different. Although I was one of those who called for a widening of the policy base from the moment I joined the party, I eventually came to agree with Roger Knapman who argued for a narrower and more focussed set of policies concentrating on withdrawal. Britain does need a new party, but UKIP clearly ain't it!

I was very surprised, however, to read that UKIP is now coming out in favour of farming subsidies, a la the Common Agricultural Policy. Opposition to the CAP is one thing that traditionally unites all eurosceptics - and quite a lot of europhiles as well. Maybe UKIP has become so obsessively contrarian that it has even turned against conventional euroscepticism now, who knows?

I recall a transport policy paper which called for the electrification of a line that had, in fact, been closed for many years. There was also a local government paper that was quite probably the most politically illiterate thing I have ever seen.

The biggest question that observers will be asking, however, is not whether UKIP has done an about-turn on farming subsidies, but whether the party is, as it appears to be, out of control.


  1. UKIP's policy is to withdraw from the EU. Not racist, not sectarian. It's simple.
    Vote UKIP, withdraw from the EU, then hold a general election to decide who runs the country.
    After we have left the EU is the time for policies, personal issues and agendas. Until then UKIP needs everyone to be united for the main goal.
    I don’t stick my head in the sand when it comes to policy; I simply question its relevance. If it is used as ammunition for cheap shot articles, we are better off not playing. We have a puppet government that is very good at pretending it is able to make policies. They refuse to discuss EU membership, so the media treat it as irrelevant.
    Policy proposal example;
    I propose that you be able to withdraw your vote for a Councillor, M.P. or M.E.P.
    You would have to link your choice to your electoral register details.
    Withdrawal of 51% of linked votes would mean that person has to stand down.
    The anonymous vote remains as an option.
    I have no doubt this would be an improvement to our imperfect voting system, making it more democratic and empowering the voter.
    Nikki Sinclaire might disagree.

  2. Don't you think the fellow in the picture looks like actor David Jason who plays Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter?

    Only Fools and Horses should put any faith in UKIP!

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    Didn't half shock me! But nobody else seemed to mind.

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