Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Thanks to Le Soir For This One!

I managed to get the panzer stuck in the snow for 3 nights. You wouldn't ordinarily expect that if you live in the centre of a capital city, but this, of course, is no ordinary capital city! Eventually, I took an axe to the ice to break it up and cut out a path to a clear road. It was great fun to watch, I'm sure, but not so much fun to actually do it. Still, I suppose it killed three hours, when I could have otherwise been doing.... well, anything really

There was a terrific story in Le Soir, which is a Belgian daily newspaper. It explained why the Belgian motorways were all blocked whilst France and the other Benelux superpowers managed to keep the traffic flowing.

A general decision had been taken to pull all vehicles over 7.5 tons off of the road when the snow first hit hard. The Belgian police took this to mean literally all vehicles over 7.5 tons, and promptly ordered the gritters and snow ploughs off the roads.

Is there any other country in Europe, I wonder, where such stupidity reigns supreme?


  1. Have you heard of Magic Spikers?

    They attach to your shoes or boots and stop you slipping and sliding on ice.

    AMAZON was sold out, but there are plenty of other stockists.

    Everyones raving about them. Cost £16.99

    I've sent off for a pair. Course the snow and ice has melted here now where I am in the UK ... but good for next time there's icy weather.

  2. i was thinking ...

    I know the War's over ...

    But why are you driving a German car?

    At least, I presume it is a car ....!