Friday, 27 August 2010

Spot the flaw in Belgium's new public health strategy.

Belgium's Federal Public Health Ministry has announced a cunning new plan to improve public health. They are going to sterilise all the cats. They plan to have "most cats" sterilised by 2016, according to the newspaper "Flanders today", (which rather sensibly is printed in English).

They will start with cats in shelters, and then roll the plan out. This is where, in true Belgian fashion, they introduce a major flaw into the strategy.

Cat breeders are going to have to sterilise their cats.

I guess this means that after 2016, cats breeders will have to retrain, and Belgium will become a net importer of kittens.

On the other hand, if the cats are sterile, then the breeders won't have to do much work - which is just the way that Belgians like it!

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  1. Most cats sterilised by 2016?

    Only females can be sterilized. Are the male cats going to undergo vasectomys? And if so, can these vasectomys like human vasectomys be reversed?

    I hope so.

    As per usual it is probably the females that are going to suffer the most, at the expense of randy male cats who like nothing better than prowling the streets from midnight to dawn looking for 'pussy'!

    This decision for mass sterilizatin of cats would never be allowed in the UK.

    The British love their cats, and any proposal of mass sterilization of cats, would cause a public outcry, of such great proportions, that the puplic protests concerning the Invasion of Iraq would pale into insignificence!

    Harm any little moggie in the UK and you risk condemnation and ostracism.

    Only last week a woman was caught on video putting a beauiful little cat in a wheelybin.

    It was all over the news and provoked outrage.

    Such is the way we Brits feel about cats.