Saturday, 12 June 2010

Perks of the job.

My job is not without its perks, I have to admit. The main one is that I get to share my days with some of the most highly educated and well-connected people in Europe, something that makes even living in Belgium worthwhile.

And so it was that I got to watch the opening game of the World Cup with the ambassadors of South Africa, Namibia, and the Congo. This was followed by a fascinating conversation with a charming poet from Sierra Leone, and then dinner with my closest friends. Not even a night out in the Old Kent Road can beat that.

As I write, England have yet to play their first game, so I suppose we can look forward to a few days of broken feet, yellow cards, and missed penalties. This will inevitibly be followed by the usual agonising "If Alaska lose by more than 8 goals to Peru, and if Germany draw against Hawaii, and if we can beat Tongo, we can still qualify for the quarter finals on goal difference..."

I've got a great strategy for the rebirth of English football. Score goals, win games. Its surely that simple.


  1. So politics is a fascinating game is it?

    And the EU a surreal soap opera?

    Well every good game and soap opera has to have its fair share of deceit,lies,manipulations, more deceit, betrayal,revenge,sexual indiscretion,adultery, plotting,revenge, revenge,and more revenge laced with a smile ...

    If those involved in politics enjoy all this,then what does this say about them?

  2. You don't have to be well educated to write poetry you know. Some of the best poets are uneducated.

    Also a person can be very well educated, be an MEP or Ambassador and still be a twat!