Thursday, 17 March 2016

More hypocrisy from Farage

STAY OUT OF IT: Ukip leader Farage warns Obama NOT to wade into EU debate - so the Daily Express reports today (Mar 17).
This is yet another example of Farage's hypocrisy.
Where will Farage be on April 4th?
He will be in Amsterdam, sharing a platform with far-right (and allegedly Kremlin backed) minor politicians, telling the Dutch that they should vote against ratification of the Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine.
Does this man have no shame?
Or is he merely so self-obsessed that he say anything to get himself into the newspapers?
Or is there something more to this than meets the eye?
The chap in the photo alongside Farage is a certain Alexander Yakovenko, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia. The two had appeared together on Russian TV.
Farage has regularly appeared on RT, the Kremlin funded Russian propaganda channel, and questions have been asked about his relationships with Russia's media.

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