Friday, 11 October 2013

Its Never Too Late To Learn.....

A wee bit of advice to a certain Brussels based press officer - he will know who he is.

1. If you write an angry e-mail to the editor of a newspaper, take the trouble to find out his or her name first. As a press officer - sorry 'Director of Communications' - one would have thought you would know that as a matter of course, but apparently you don't.

2. If one votes against a motion to reject a legislative proposal, one is effectively voting for that proposal. I really do not know how I can simplify that, sorry. It is actually very easy to understand, at least for most people.

3. Switch on the spellcheck function on your computer - you do need a little help in that department.

4. When sending out a press release, do try to get it right first time. Sending out an 'amendment' to a press release 20 minutes after it has gone out is not very professional, although it does give the press corps a good laugh!

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