Thursday, 4 July 2013

Child Euthanasia In Belgium?

This is a subject I have researched in some depth, whilst researching a short series of articles on poverty in Belgium for EU Reporter back in 2010.

Euthanasia is legal in Belgium, as it is in the Netherlands. In the latter case, this extends to the right of two medical experts to make a decision to termiate the life of a new-bon child without reference to the parents. Didn't we fight a war against people like this during the last century?

I uncovered testimony from a Belgian nurse stating that in her hospital there was a 'Friday clear out' whereby those with little chance of getting through the weekend would be given a bit of help, thus freeing up hospital beds. There was also an account of a woman screaming and begging not to be given a lethal injection.

They do things differently in the Benelux countries, apparently.

Now Belgium is considering extending the right to die concept to children. Too young to vote, too young to drink or smoke, but apparently old enough to make the decision to have their young lives ended by a doctor.

Am I alone in finding this deeply disturbing?

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