Thursday, 20 June 2013

Miserable Gits....

You simply could not make this up. A good mate of mine, a former Company Commander with the Irish Infantry, a man with combat experience in a humanitarian peace-keeping context, has recently been subjected to harsh justice indeed... He has been banned from the local sweet shop. His crime was to suggest that the proprietor, a gentleman not known for his social skills might have been a wee bit rude to him. (I know the shopkeeper in question very well, and he really is a miserable git).

What is happening to us as a society?

We are living through times that should see us preparing for a post-materialist society. And yet we still stamp on one another's feet, and we get snarled at by shopkeepers.

And a chap who stuck his neck on the block voluntarily in order to protect the vulnerable is treated with disrespect by somebody who could never understand....

We have a long way to go, apparently.

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