Friday, 19 April 2013

For Whom The Bell Tolls....

You have to wonder how some people get through their day.

Driving from Strasbourg to Brussels yesterday I arrived at one of the Péage stations (toll booths) en route. As always, I opted for one of the lanes clearly marked 'Credit Cards' as its always quicker to go through those. In front of me was a Renault with German number plates. I reckon it takes about 30 seconds at most to put in your card, take it and a receipt from the machine, then drive through.

So after about 2 minutes, I realised there was a problem with the Renault, and started to develop an interest in proceedings. The driver was a lady of, I would guess, around 60. I watched in amazement as she was repeatedly trying to insert a €20 note into the slot clearly marked as being for cards. Actually, in frustration, she was trying to stuff it in.

I wondered if I should get out and have a chat with her, but her companion obviously twigged, and handed her a card.

Should such people be allowed to drive?

I have always thought that there should be more restrictions on who gets a driving licence. When we apply there are certain questions. Are you epileptic? Are you blind? I reckon we should also be asking "Are you a f**king idiot"?

To me, it is blindingly obvious that anybody we might class as a f**king idiot should not be allowed on the roads. But the question is, how do we identify them? And so, I have come up with a few questions that might help us.

1. Do you wear a baseball cap the wrong way around?

2. Do you have a pitbull named 'Tyson'?

3. Do you confuse sportswear with casual clothing?

4. When alighting from a train, or passing through a shop doorway, do you ever have an uncontrollable urge to stand still and rummage through your handbag?

5. Have you ever watched the X factor for more than 10 minutes?

6. Do you think it is a good idea to give your children Pot Noodle for dinner?

7. Do you think that life in Britain was better before the war?

Of course, Can you tell the difference between a credit card and a banknote? might also be a good one to ask.

I could go on.


  1. They have to be the same sort of people who can only perform one action at a time in a supermarket - watch the goods come down the chute; when they are all down, start to pack the bags; once the bags are packed, load the trolley and then start the fumble for money and cards.

    1. You are so right! And they can never find their purses in their handbags.