Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Libertarians Vs. Reality.

As campaign vehicles go, Mitt Romney's jet is one of the most impressive I have ever seen. The amount of money spent in the final week of the presidential campaign was astronomical: $80 million by Romney, and $50 million by Obama. The total spent by both sides exceeded $2 billion.

Contrast this with the campaign of Libertarian/Republican candidate Ron Paul, so beloved by many UKIP members. I got to see this highly unimpressive campaign vehicle in a supermarket car park on the outskirts of Lynchburg, about a mile away from where Romney had parked his airliner. Obviously Paul's supporters simply ignored the fact that he had failed to get on the Republican ticket, and wasn't actually standing. Swivel-eyed loons, Y'all!

Why do I mention this? Because it is an example of how UKIP gravitates towards lost causes. Peripheral issues, and contrarian arguments that seemingly set out to question or deny all received wisdom. Paul is the same, rejecting NAFTA and the WTO, and expressing some horrific racist sentiments. He is also opposed to flu-jabs, but is keen on the legalisation of certain drugs. UKIP has as much chance of winning a parliamentary majority from its Walmington-on-Sea based constituency as Ron Paul has of becoming the next president of the United States.

But... there is method in this madness. As was pointed out to us at a lunch in DC, fringe politicians can attract relatively big bucks. To be the eternal voice of opposition can be financially rewarding - a job for life, even. But God forbid that one should acheive success and actually have to deliver on the promises, or carry out the threats! No, it is better to find a comfortable and secure berth on the sidelines and snipe while the money rolls in.

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