Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"The Train is About to Depart. Please mind the Crap"

One of my great pleasures is listening to the dawn chorus each morning. It seems to be very strong at the moment, but I do wish they would maybe leave it out until about 6am. 4 in the morning might have been alright for Faron Young , but I find it a tad early to be singing outside my bedroom window.

So feeling suitably cheery after a couple of hours of chirping, I made my way to the Metro this morning. My local station is at the most 90 seconds walk from my front door, and that short journey brought me back to earth. I had to negotiate no less than 5 puddles of vomit on the pavement.

I know that such things happen in any town or city, but Brussels is particularly bad. There is also the matter of dogs. There is absolutely no social stigma attached here to letting one's mutt dump on the pavement in front of all to see. On New Year's Day 2009, I stepped into a lift in a Metro station only to find that a dog had dumped in there. At least I hope it was a dog.....

Belgians do strange things on the Metro. I am not making this up, but at my local station there is a pole dancing club. Where else in the world will you find a pole dancing club in an underground station?

"The train for Stockel will dapart in one minute, and in 2 minutes Anne-Marie will get her tits out behind platform 2.  and enjoy your journey but please mind the crap".

Only in Belgium...

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