Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Couple of Days in London

 I don't get back to London as often as I would like, so I was pleased to pay a flying visit this week. I always stay at the Victory Services Club, which has become something of a second home to me. Shortly after I arrived I was thrilled to find myself enjoying a pint with the crew of a Nimrod. It occured to me that with the phasing out of the Nimrod due shortly, this might be the last time I see a crew of 6 out in London in uniform - an era is passing. My family has connections with Coastal and Bomber Commands, so I found the thought to be most poignant.

Yesterday was almost as fine as a birthday can be. Its always nice to  wake up in London - I was there for a press conference at which Nikki Sinclaire made some damning allegations about other British MEPs and about the UK Independence Party. I was a member of UKIP for a long time, and it is sad to see the way the party has gone. Lets hope that between them Nikki and the courts will knock some sense into them. Anyway, the press conference attracted significant coverage in the media.

We then adjourned to Westminster Palace where we were met by the deputy Sergeant-at- Arms, who is currently undergoing RAF training with Nikki. We were treated to a brief tour of both houses, and some fascinating conversation when we were joined for coffee by two other RAF officers.

Then it was back to the VSC where I was delighted to be reunited with my former boss and very good friend Tom Wise. Tom has been through the mill, but is looking good, fighting fit, and his old cheerful self. There is a story to be told here, and I look forward to it more than some others will be :)

And so finally to Southwark Park. It has always satisfied me that the nation celebrates my birthday so spectacularly each year, and Bermondsey put on a great firework display last night.


  1. Belated happy birthday Gary.

  2. Ive noticed how much you enjoy 'fascinating' conversations.

    I thought I would indulge you in some boring conversation, just to bring you back to earth and to remind that most of us who lead ordinary lives have to listen to mundane and ordinary chatter. Like;

    My guinea pig, Poppet has been suffering greatly from a bladder infection ...Ouch!, but now he is steadily improving and weeing normally, you'll be pleased to hear, and without discomfort.

    I cannot remember the last time I had a fascinating conversation, but then if all I have to contribute to a conversation is my guinea pig's health then no wonder no-one wants to speak with me!

    O yes, it's snowing! Yes here in my little cottage garden in the UK it looks like little Russia.

    You cannot have an 'English' conversation without mentioning the weather.

    The British weather is never fascinating, just very very changeable ....

    Talking of the fascinating; I have just read a very interesting book by Jeremy Paxman called, 'A Political Animal'.

    What kind of political animal are you Gary?

    And do you bite?

  3. It has been noted that when Gregg submits a comment you choose to publish it pretty quickly, whereas when yours truly submits a comment you do not.

    You like to keep me waiting ....


    I suppose all this is a vain attempt to keep me logging into your blog each day to see if you have published my comments and to teach me patience.

    Mr C, I have more important things to do than log onto your site; like trying to persaude my City Council that the cardboard that was supposed to be collected on the 9th Nov was not collected. The refuse collectors insists they collected it. What am I to do?

    You might find it hard negotiating with beaurocrats in Brussels, but have you ever had a standoff with a Yorkshire dustbin man? No, I thought not.

    All your smooth, diplomatic political chocolate covered coated words would be to no avail here in this situation.

    When a Yorkshire digs his heels, that's it.

    Another 6 weeks to wait for my cardboard to be collected, and it needs to be ripped up and put in a black plastic bin liner or they'll be hell to pay, and they won't take it away.

    Do you have this sort of problem in Brussels?