Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Lunchtime with Andrea Bocelli

Today was special.

This lunchtime, in the European Parliament, we had a presentation by the office of the Mayor of Rome. It was no ordinary presentation.... after a screening of a short film by Franco Zaferreli, we were honoured with a recital by Andrea Bocelli. Really - Bocelli, in the flesh, and as brilliant as you could ever imagine.

I even forgot about my anger at having my pocket picked by scumbags (4th time - same scumbags) yesterday.

I saw some impressive performances in my time - I was personally honoured to be able to arrange a concert in the Parliament myself last year, by the superb Ukrainian pianist Dmytro Sukhovienko (  ) - but this was the first time I saw Bocelli. Absolutely superb!


  1. Sorry your pocket was picked for nicking. But you know 'Mens Bags' are very much in vogue these days.You could set a trend for all the'suits'working in the Parliament.

    Failing that why not try a bum bag! I admit you'd look a right wally but at least your wallet would be safe.

    If you were to wear a tupee, or a clip in on your current hair you could hide all your credit cards underneath it when you go out.

    The possibilities are endless.

    32 years ago when I returned from a holiday in the Soviet Union I smuggled currency out hidden in the knickers of a doll I had bought! I knew the Soviet militia dressed to kill with their guns at the airport would be most unlikely to start undressing the doll that was in my hands.
    And I was right.

    All it takes is a little imagination.

  2. When Andrea Bocelli was singing, did anyone join in? Once I took an old soldier to a classical concert. We were in the stalls, 3rd row. Everything was going fine until the Tenor started to sing a song that the old boy knew.Then he started singing along, and rather loudly too, waving his arms about as if he was conductor! I was mortified. What to do? Nobody seemed to mind. This surprised me. I'm sure if he was 40 years younger someone would have told him to be quiet. Advancing years has its benefits. People are very forgiving of the elderly.Shame we're not all so forgiving of the young and middle-aged too.