Monday, 31 May 2010

The EU takes the credit for Vitamin C !

This is not quite as good as "Comrade Stalin invented the internal combustion engine", which is my all time favourite piece of political bullshit, but its not so far off. Today in the European Parliament, an exhibition about famous Hungarians has gone up, on the ground floor, near the sandwich bar and the statue of an anorexic horse with a star on its back.

Its not a particularly big exhibition, and it misses out my pal from the parliament press room who once played a camp guard in Escape to Victory, but it is interesting enough.

But I think that claiming to have "invented vitamin C" is pushing it a bit far. Maybe it is a mistake - maybe it is not.

The European Commission claims that the EU has maintained peace in Europe since 1945, which another total piece of bullshit, although lots of people in the EU institutions do actually buy into this. Just like lots of Soviet kids grew up believing that Comrade Stalin invented the internal combustion engine....


  1. I suspect that all EU Commisioners maintain a piece somewhere and that they claim for their tart on expenses.

  2. In 1747, the Scottish naval surgeon James Lind discovered that a nutrient (now known as Vit C)prevented Scurvy.

    Norwegions rediscovered Vit C in 1912.

    Vit C was artificially sythesised in 1935 in Zurich.

    And did you know that guinea pigs don't produce Vit C. So thanks to all these nationalities guinea pigs as well as adults can now take Vit C in liquid or tablet form ... now there's a bit of trivia info for dinner parties ....!